The Art of Behind the Screen

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Running across the blushing cheeks are tears of indigo;

Spilled across the black floor is blood in crimson red.

The Art of Behind the Screen is a collection of exclusive manuscripts that were created during game development that feature painstaking application of screentones of different characters, scenes and objects and versions that hadn't make it to the final cut. Not only that, it also unveils the numerous metaphors and eastereggs that have been scattered everywhere in the game. In The Art of Behind the Screen, one will also find in-depth analysis of many screenshots taken from the game (such as the live-action news coverage, contrast between scenes of fantasy and scenes of reality and so forth) to appreciate the game from a different perspective.

The book concludes with transcripts of interviews with the game's developers to offer even more tidbits of the title's developmental process. Buy The Art of Behind the Screen and you will also receive a special pop-up card that features a scene from the game!

ISBN: 9789869545693

Format: Paperback/128 pages/21 X 29.7 cm/General Audience/Full Color

Bonus item: Behind the Screen Miniature Pop-up Card