Terms of Service

Shipping Methods

Taiwan: Home Delivery, Convenience Store Pick-up

Other Countries: DHL, SF Express(only for China, Honk Kong and Macau)


Service Terms and Conditions

I.       Customer Service and Rights and Obligations

  1. JB SHOP is an online platform operated by CGS INTERNATIONAL, INC. (hereinafter the “Company”) and provides relevant services (hereinafter the “Services”) in accordance with these Service Terms and Conditions and applicable regulations or public announcements.
  2. Mainly provides you with the following services:
    i.          Product sale and delivery services.
    ii.        The product page of JB SHOP will provide the available quantities of a single product for the customer’s reference. JB SHOP will only ship products within such quantity in principle.
    iii.       Product shipping fees will be indicated on the web page.
    iv.       Provision of all types of marketing information.
    v.        Notice about customer benefits, including but not limited to product trials, random give-away events, service satisfaction surveys, or other new member services added in the future.
    vi.       The Company may add, revise, or terminate the above relevant services depending on the actual situation.
  3. After you have completed member registration procedure on JB SHOP or if you continue to use the Services, you shall be deemed to have understood and fully agreed to all services agreed under these Service Terms and Conditions.  In addition, when you use specific services of JB SHOP, you may need to comply with the service terms and conditions or applicable rules further announced by JB SHOP in accordance with the nature of such specific services, which shall form integral parts of these Service Terms and Conditions.
  4. If you are under the age of 20, you should only use or continue to use the Services after your legal representative (or court-appointed representative) has carefully read, understood, and agreed to all provisions of these Terms and Conditions, including any subsequent amendments and changes.  When you use or continue to use the Services, it shall be deemed that your legal representative (or court-appointed representative) has carefully read, understood and agreed to accept all provisions of these Terms and Conditions.
  5. Both the customers and JB SHOP agree to use electronic documents for the expressions of their intentions.
  6. The Company reserves the right to terminate account services for any customer who breaches the law, who fails to comply with the agreement between the parties or who abuses service benefits in bad faith.
  7. The Company has the right to amend or change the provisions of these Service Terms and Conditions at any time.  The provisions of the revised Service Terms and Conditions will be published on the website and the Company will not give individual notices to customers.  We suggest that you pay attention to such revisions or changes at any time.  If you continue to use the Services after any revision or change, you shall be deemed to have read, understood and agreed to accept such revision or change.  If you do not agree to the above manner of revision or update of the Service Terms and Conditions or if you do not accept any provision of these Service Terms and Conditions, you should stop using the Services immediately.
  8. When the Company needs to give notice to customers about relevant information in order to provide services, the customers may be contacted in any of the manners that they provided.  If any of the customer’s contact information is changed, the information shall be updated through website log-in or telephone notice in order to keep the information correct, up to date and complete.  If any information sent by the Company is not received due to incorrect information about you, expired information or any other reason that is not imputable to the Company, it shall be deemed that the Company has completed delivery of such notice.



II.      Provision of Customer Information

As required for the provision of services, JB SHOP may ask you to provide the below basic information:

(1)  Personally identifiable: Such as member name, address, telephone, and email.

(2)  Financially identifiable: Such as credit card or financial institution account information.

(3)  Personal description: Such as gender, date of birth, etc.

If you are a minor (below 20 years of age), the above information shall include the same information of the legal representative.  Unless otherwise provided in these Service Terms and Conditions, in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act, JB SHOP shall only use your information for the services that you require.

※Please note!  Refusal to provide information required for membership may result in the inability to fully benefit from the services or unavailability of the services.  If any of your above information is changed, it should be updated at any time.  If you provide any false information, the Company may suspend or terminate your right to use the services.  In addition, if you transact in any false manner, the Company also reserves the right to terminate your right to use the services at any time.  If the Company or any third party suffers damage, you shall also undertake relevant civil and criminal legal liabilities.



III.    Account Name and Password

  1. The customer shall keep his/her personal information, payment information (including credit card information) and member password, etc. in due custody and avoid disclosure.  The above information and password that you provide will be used as an important basis of certification for transactions carried out through the use of “JB SHOP.”  The Company will use the information you provide for certification, safeguard of transaction records, distribution of certification messages, notice about member information or relevant events and future collection of usage fees.  You have the obligation to keep your identity confidential and secure and shall not disclose to any third party.
  2. The customer shall not disclose his/her password or provide it for any other person’s knowledge or use.  All acts engaged in the use of the Services with the same customer account number and password shall be deemed personal acts by such customer and the customer shall be responsible in accordance with the law.
  3. If the customer discovers or suspends the use of his/her customer account number or password by a third party, an immediate notice shall be given to the Company.  After learning about such an event, the Company will immediately suspend the handling of transactions generated from such accounts or further use by such accounts.  However, the customer shall not be released of legal liabilities undertaken in accordance with the law and these Service Terms and Conditions before the notice. 


IV.   Customer Transactions

  1. The product names, prices, details, specifications, model numbers and other relevant information displayed on the product transaction pages are parts of the contract that you enter into with the Company.
  2. You agree to issue orders in accordance with the confirmed product quantity and pricing mechanism provided by JB SHOP.  Before JB SHOP gives a confirmation notice about the establishment of the transaction, JB SHOP reserves the right to refuse the order or cancel shipping.  JB SHOP may refuse an order with justifications within 2 working days after the order is issued.
  3. In accordance with the first, second and third paragraphs, Article 19 of the Consumer Protection Act: “I. Consumers of distance sales or door-to-door-sales may return the goods or rescind the contract in writing within 7 days upon receipt of the goods or services without stating the reasons or be responsible for any expenses or costs.  II. Except in the case of distance sales with reasonable matters.  III. Reasonable matters prescribed in the previous paragraph shall be proclaimed by the Executive Yuan.”  Therefore, after the contract is established and after you have accepted the product, unless the government issues a public announcement which prevails over other laws, you are entitled to the right to cancel the contract under the above first paragraph, Article 19 of the Consumer Protection Act.  If you need to return the product, please refer to “Product Return Instructions” under Customer Services of the JB SHOP website.



V.     Payment Related Interest

JB SHOP provides multiple payment methods for your choice.  For details, please refer to “Payment Instructions” under Customer Services of the JB SHOP website.



VI.   Services and Restrictions

All electro-magnetic records inside this service website are owned by the Company.  If a certain electro-magnetic record is not made due to server overload, you agree for the Company to reactivate the server and restore the data back to the status before the overload.  If hardware equipment needs to be changed or adjusted in order to provide better service quality, you agree that the Company may transfer records related to your use to another location.  You also undertake to cooperate with relevant configurations that correspond to such adjustment.  You must connect in a proper manner.  If you connect in an illegal manner, the Company has the right to restrict the services provided to you.  If you attack the Company’s server, the Company has the right to close down your IP address and delete your relevant electro-magnetic records.  If you have any question about the handling of your relevant records by the Services, you must provide proof of transactions and your true name, identification number, contact telephone and email to seek verification by the Company.  In addition, you understand and agree that the Company will only keep transaction records of the past 6 months.



VII.  Protection of Personal Identity Information

Member registration and other specific information are protected and governed by the “Privacy Policy” of JB SHOP.



VIII.  Intellectual Property Rights

The intellectual property rights to all contents on the JB SHOP website, including but not limited to written work, pictures, files, information, data, website structure, website layout, web page design, belong to the Company or other right holders in accordance with the law, including but not limited to trademark, patent, copyright, business secret and know-how, etc.  No one shall use, revise, reproduce, publicly broadcast, adapt, disseminate, publish, publicly display or perform reverse engineering, decompilation or reverse assembly.  If you wish to refer to or forward the above software, program or website contents, you must acquire the prior written consent of the Company or other right holders in accordance with the law.  It is your obligation to respect intellectual property rights.  In case of breach, you shall be liable for compensating the Company (including but not limited to litigation fees and attorney’s fees, etc.)



IX.   Service Suspension and Interruption

The Company maintains the normal operation of the Services in the manners and with the technologies generally deemed reasonable at this time.  However, in the following circumstances, the Company will suspend or interrupt all or part of the Services:

  1. Migration, replacement, upgrade, maintenance or repair of any software or hardware equipment related to the Services, with prior notice to the customers;
  2. Any user breaches government laws or these Service Terms and Conditions;
  3. Service stoppage or interruption caused by natural disaster or other events of force majeure;
  4. Service stoppage or interruption due to other reasons that are not imputable to the Company;
  5. Incorrect display of information of the Services due to any event beyond the Company’s control or system interruption or anomalous operation due to forgery, alteration, deletion or interception.


X.     Limitation and Exclusion of Liability

  1. All functions provided by the Services are provided on an “as is” basis.  JB SHOP does not undertake any express or implied warranty for the performance, speed, integrity, reliability, security or correctness of the functions.
  2. JB SHOP does not guarantee that the emails sent from the web pages, servers or domains of the Services or the contents thereof are free from harmful elements such as computer viruses, nor does it guarantee that the transmission and storage of the mails, files and data will be error-free and uninterrupted.  JB SHOP shall not be liable for compensating any damage caused by the failure, loss or error of such mails, files or data transmission or storage.



XI.   Effect and Governing Law

  1. If any clause of these Service Terms and Conditions is invalid in whole or in part, it shall not impact the validity of the other provisions.
  2. These Terms and Conditions shall be interpreted and applied and any disagreement or dispute in connection with these Service Terms and Conditions or arising out of any transaction between a customer and the Company shall be handled in accordance with the laws of the Republic of China.  The Taiwan Taipei District Court shall be the first-instance court of jurisdiction.