Novel Behind the Screen

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Have you found yourself wondering what happens to the story at the end of the game?

Does truth even matter any more when everyone seems to wield the gavel of a judge, too eager to hand down judgments?

Penned by Kun Lun - the phenomenal writer from PTT's Marvel Board, the novel bears the same title as the game and presents the life story of Wang Yu-ming from his childhood up to the point of the events depicted in the game from a 3rd person perspective.

The novel of Behind the Screen offers a detailed portrayal of the different characters and their emotions in the story to account for the unexplained parts of the story while unveiling the hidden truths of the incident. The novel is more than just a narration of a suspense story built around a patricide; it is a glimpse into the mundane yet uneventful life of a nobody in an era goneby that juxtaposes our own lives today.

ISBN: 9789869545686

Format: Paperback/248 pages/13 x 19 cm/General Audience