Behind the Screen Miniature Pop-up Card

Behind the Screen Miniature Pop-up Card

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At the deepest recess of memory lies the class room that is supposed to be "warm";

At the deepest part of the classroom is the teacher who is supposed to be "kind and gentle."

For each point deducted, you get a whack from the stick; students who are disobedient must be the bad apples.

The Behind the Screen Miniature Pop-up Card is created by the talented designers at Half-Goatee Pop-up Book Lab. It is a clever pop-up card that leverages the principle of visual depth perception to turn 2D illustration from the game into a cute 3D model with exquisite details, recreating the classic scene of Big Tree Class from the game. The model is printed on sturdy carton sheet paper, with detailed assembly instructions on the reverse side of the card to help you put together the model and have fun while doing it.

It's more than just a model of a classroom - it's a god-send for handicraft lovers!

Dimensions after assembly: Length 15cm; Width 7.5cm; Height 8.5cm