Behind the Screen Special Stickerset

Behind the Screen Special Stickerset

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Concentrated. Linger.

Take the strongest images from your fantasy; turn them into a cast and make a collection of them.

Put them on and make them a part of your reality.

The Behind the Screen Special Stickerset (two sheets per set) is a charming merchandize that features a collection of memorable characters and objects that stand out from the game, coupled with snippets of funny lines and actions. The stickers are trimmed along the contours of the featured character/object and you can put them on objects of any size to instantly turn it into an vintage item with the sticker's hand-drawn style that harkens back to the 70s. As they are small and exquisite in size, you can also use these stickers as emojis by pasting them on your notebook or diary as special note of your mood for the day.

Go ahead - put that scary sticker of Ms. Spider on your graduation album!

Height 15cm; Width 11cm; two sheets per set