Plush Doll Combination

Plush Doll Combination

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Watch as their frivolous and jovial expressions gradually get assimilated by authority.

Woe are the untended souls that slowly become corrupted in the classroom.

Dolls that never get a chance of reincarnation - they are the critical element that makes childhood sustainable.

And yet we grow up too quickly to linger in that stage of our lives.

Are you willing to go back and save them?

These are the mascots of the game and they are the Pink Bunny, the Yellow Kitten, and the Blue Puppy. Each of them carries a unique shape - the Pink Bunny has a green circle, the Yellow Kitten has a purple triangle and the Blue Puppy has a yellow rectangle; each geometric shape symbolizing their uniqueness as individuals. Made with quality felt, the doll is soft to the touch and super cute. Metal wire structures are featured in the doll's ears so that you can adjust the shape and directions of its ear to make your doll unique. Compact and lightweight, it makes an ideal decor for your home or your office desk. Not only that...

When you go pass them, you can get a big hug from them and hide in them.

Product details

Length 18±2 cm; Width 10 cm; Height 8 cm

(*Please note that the dimensions of the doll is measured by hand and therefore may be subject to slight deviation.)

(*This is the best value combo pack for all three dolls. You can also buy the Yellow Kitten, Blue Puppy, or Pink Bunny individually from the shop. Go take a look now.)