Behind the Screen Limited Gold-Foil Cool Cards (randomly selected)

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What you will find in the red envelope are stories that go beyond what is told in the game

Available in limited quantity, these cool cards and postcards feature carefully selected mini stories that made up the backbone of the game's plot line.

Behind the Screen is an adaptation of a collection of true stories that actually happened in Taiwan. Coupled with a variety of game play styles such as puzzle-solving, stealth and so forth, Behind the Screen is a game that is easy to play with a thought-provoking story line and concepts of decent depth. While it doesn't take long to complete the game, the challenge that comes from trying to make sense of the story and coming up with your interpretation of the events that transpired in the game will only begin as the game reaches its conclusion.

The red envelope is 11cm in length and 16cm in width; in it you will find 5 story cool cards and 1 postcard that are 14.5cm in legnth and 10cm in width.

Only 20 sets available

 Bonus item : Behind the Screen Steam Key x1