Privacy Policy

Personal Data Protection Policy

JB SHOP provides you with better and more diversified services and products.  The personal data that you provide to JB SHOP will be used and kept in accordance with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act and your privacy right shall be maintained.  At the same time, this Website will use and manage the use and collection of your personal data in accordance with the following statements.


Collection and Purpose of Use of Customer Data

I.       The purpose of collection is to engage in marketing activities, consumer and customer management and services, online shopping and other e-commerce services, surveys, statistics, and research analysis (statutory specific purposes under item numbers 040, 090, 148, and 157).

II.      To provide personalized services and as a reference for the improvement of the services of this Website, when you use this Website’s services, we may establish and access Cookies on your computer.  However, through the configuration of your personal computer or Internet connection equipment, you can decide whether or not to allow the use of Cookies.  If you close down Cookies, it may cause inconvenience in your use of the services of this Website or restrict certain functions.


Customer Data Collection Manner and Scope of Use

When you use JB SHOP’s services and products, to provide the services or sell the products, this Website will ask you to complete relevant information required for the services (such as member registration application, product delivery information, other marketing events or as required for the services).  Unless otherwise provided in these Service Terms and Conditions, JB SHOP will only use your data in the services that you require in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act.


Period, Territory, Target, and Manner of Use of Customer Data

I.       Period: Members may request to stop the use or until the date on which JB SHOP stops providing services.

II.      Territory: Members’ personal data will be used in the Taiwan area.

III.    Target and Manner of Use: Member’s personal data are collected for search and consultation functions under JB SHOP’s member management and customer management.  They are also used for identification, cash flow services, logistics services, marketing and promotions.  Examples are:

a.    When the services provided by JB SHOP are used in the status of a member, the member information is automatically displayed on the pages.

b.    Transactions: When members pre-order, bid for, purchase or participate in giveaway events of any product or service or engages in any other transaction, in relation to product delivery, provision of services, price payment, reply to customer enquiries, JB SHOP’s enquiries to members, relevant after-sale services and other activities required for the transactions.

c.     Promotional advertising or marketing, etc.: Providing members with information such as electronic newsletters, providing service-related information through emails, mails and telephone.  Based on the contents or advertisements viewed by the members and in accordance with customers’ personal features, purchase records or viewing records of JB SHOP website, personalization, analysis of member services, development of new services and improvement of existing services.  Contact members in relation to comments on surveys, events and message boards or other service-related matters.

d.    Reply to customer enquiries: Replies to member enquiries raised to JB SHOP through email, mail, fax, telephone or other direct or indirect contact manner.

e.    Other business-related matters: Use required for the provision of JB SHOP services in relation to the purposes under subparagraphs a. to d. above.

f.      Provision of information on individual service providers: When members pre-order, bid for, purchase or participate in giveaway events of any product or service provided by service providers or seeks other transactions, to the extent required for such transactions, JB SHOP may provide the service providers with the personal data files of the members and the service providers shall be responsible for the management of such personal data files.  JB SHOP will impose on the service providers the obligations to protect members’ privacy in the handling of personal data through rules.  However, it cannot be guaranteed that the service providers will comply with these rules.  For details, please contact each individual service provider.

g.    Others: In providing individual services, personal data may also be used beyond the above purposes, in which case the purpose shall be specified on the webpages of such individual services.


Customer Data Storage and Custody

All of your personal data are strictly kept in the Company’s database system.  At the same time, anyone must only acquire and use the data under the data authorization management rules established by the Company.  No one outside the scope of authorization shall be allowed, nor shall it be able to acquire the information through the authorization control system.


Data Security and Protection

We use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to encrypt data transmission and firewalls are also put in place to prevent unlawful intrusion and to protect your personal data from unlawful access.  We also save passwords in a scrambled manner to ensure that your password will be protected against unlawful theft.


Target of Disclosure of customer Data

We will never sell or exchange your personal data to or with any other organization or individual, except in three circumstances we will share your personal data with third parties.

1.    With your prior consent or authorization.

2.    Upon legal and official procedural request by judicial authority or other competent authority or when the Company must otherwise disclose or provide the information in accordance with the law.

3.    In order to provide you with other services or benefits, the sharing of your information with third parties that provide such services or benefits.  We will provide a full explanation and notice at the time of the event and you can freely choose whether or not to accept such services or benefits.


Amendment to Privacy Protection Policy

With the evolution of the market environment, the Company will revise the website policy from time to time.  If members have any question about the privacy statement of the JB SHOP website or any matter related to personal data, JB SHOP’s customer service center may be contacted through email.